A New Way to Manage 
Your Clinical Records

A revolutionary new approach to managing patient information

based on cloud technologies


A simple, proven way to boost your practice performance.

User Friendly is designed with healthcare providers in mind. We value your time, so everything is easy to use. No training is required; everything is graphical, guided, and intuitive.

Simple Integration

Our simple configuration allows you to start working in a matter of minutes. No technical background is required. After a quick and simple setup, you can start working immediately.


Our solution works for all types of clinicians. You can start with our pre-build process out of the box. But when changes come up, it's easy and intuitive with our guided process.


Optimized for fast management of medical records. Users can use to build anamnesis and case history formulas, enabling them to generate patient files and forms in less time.


Patient information is valuable so we secure everything with top industry standards. In technical terms: our system uses 256 bit SSL encryption and all of our infrastructures use end-to-end encryption, securing your data.

Always Availabe

With our cloud-based system, all data and operational capabilities are available from any location. Physicians can continue to provide services even outside of the office.

doxer screenshot offers a wide range of management tools, from patient administration tools to appointment scheduling calendar. Allowing you to focus on your clinic needs.


Manage everything
in one place.


Work more efficiently by centralizing all of your tools with

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Manage Your Patients

A management tool that lets you take control. Track your patients’ progress and treatments, organize schedules and appointments, take notes about their conditions or physicals, send reminders, and much more.

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Tailored Templates

Powerful templates that can be customized for any clinic or doctor. Using easy drag & drop tools, users can configure their forms, procedures, and alerts to support their unique working environment.

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Clinic Calendar

Web-based appointment management service that allows healthcare providers to manage all of their appointments in one place. With our online calendar, you can create new medical appointments directly from your account.

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Online Dashboard

You can keep track of all your clinical information in one, easy-to-access place, from patient reminders to alerts and your daily agenda, and everything in between. with online dashboard.

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