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 Doxer.io is infinitely flexible around the management needs of clinicians and managers. With workflows and templates that can be tailored to the working requirements of any type of clinic or doctor. Using a set of simple drag & drop tools, users can configure forms, procedures, and alerts that support the specific needs of their working environment.


Our solution is designed for use by clinicians and staff. Installation is a rapid and efficient process, and configuring the system to specific clinic needs can be accomplished by any user, without a lengthy design process by external contractors. As procedures change and additional services are offered by the facility – new workflows can be added quickly and effectively, and old processes can be adapted with minimal investment.

Time to Launch

System implementation does not require external analysis and design: it is fully operational from the moment of installation. As it is intuitive enough for configuration by clinicians and support staff - time from purchase to full use is minimal, and the system begins to deliver Return on Investment from Day 1.


Due to a cloud infrastructure design, all data and operational capabilities are available from any location. Clinicians and staff can continue to provide services even when not present in the facility, and respond to emergencies and unplanned contingencies effectively – any time, anywhere.


Our platform supports full facility personalization: integrate your logo and header, or any other information you want into system forms and templates. No Doxer.io labels will appear anywhere, and the system outputs – in softcopy or hardcopy – will only reflect your facility and personal brand.

White Label

Doxer.io enables easy integration into existing ERP solutions, and any OEM can incorporate the solution into its platforms – or repackage Doxer.io as its own solution, instantly expanding its offering to include full clinic digital management capabilities under the OEM label.

User Friendly

The system is designed for the end users – for clinicians and facility staff. The user interface is intuitive and friendly, with a range of wizards, prompts, hints, and alerts to guide users of all experience levels in installing, configuring, and using the system.


An integral part of the solution is a range of optimization tools for more effective file creation and management. With a built-in dictionary that can be defined and expanded for the specific needs of each facility, Doxer.io enables users to select and integrate anamnesis and case history formula words & phrases, saving time and effort and minimizing the time required to generate patient files and forms.


We use advanced security and encryption tools to maintain strict patient confidentiality: a 256 Bit SSL encryption, 2fa login, Storage and DB encryption, security Audits, and AWS backend – all ensure that patient data is secure, and cannot be accessed by anyone outside the system, or without the proper authorization.